Windows Vista pricing petition gains more support

There is one month more until the end of the e-petition lobbying the government to investigate the international pricing discrepancies for Microsoft’s latest operating system, Windows Vista.

Windows Vista pricing petition gains more support

The e-petition, which was set up by disgruntled user Paul Milne has gained a great deal of support since it was launched last month, with 9,149 signatories to date.

‘There is a huge difference in the price that people in the US and the UK are paying for Windows Vista the new Microsoft operating system,’ says Milne’s petition.

‘The US version of Vista is exactly the same as the UK version. There is no difference. Therefore I can see no reason for there to be such a huge difference in prices between the UK and the US other than Microsoft’s belief that the UK customers will pay more than their US counterparts. I ask people to sign this petition in the hope that the Prime Minister will bring pressure to bear on Microsoft over their pricing as it is my belief they are simply overcharging the people of the UK and therefore are ripping us off.’

Those who also want Tony Blair to investigate the issue have until April 20 to add their weight to the petition.

Despite the increasing numbers of those exercising their right to complain using the system, Microsoft still believes it is not in the wrong.

‘We respect the rights of UK consumers to voice their opinions, however we believe Windows Vista offers good value,’ said a Microsoft spokesperson in a statement issued in response to the petition.

‘Pricing does vary by region and is dependent on a variety of specific factors including, but not limited to exchange rate, local taxes, duties, local market conditions and retailer pricing decisions.’

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