Record industry seeks to ‘sex up’ music buying

John Dyer, the general manager of Domino Records, the Arctic Monkey’s label, will keynote a seminar next week that will debate how to persuade the public to buy more music.

Record industry seeks to 'sex up' music buying

The ‘Pimp My Tune: Making Music Compete With Free’ seminar will look at ways of ‘sexing up’ music purchasing options, asking the question ‘Is a product and/or marketing re-think necessary to get the public more enthused about the legal product?’ at a time when filesharing is outstripping paid-for downloads by 40 to one.

Issues under consideration will include traditional ‘added-value’ options such as bonus tracks, commentary, videos and more comprehensive liner notes are all traditional options. Additionally, the seminar will examine whether more can be done to tap into the fan-artist relationship via exclusive offers and tie-ins to live performances?

Sound quality will also be scrutinised, asking whether the majority of the potential audience cares, especially if this means larger files. DRM is another issue that will be looked at

‘iTunes has cornered the market through a “bottled water” attitude – taking an essentially “free” product and selling it on the basis of convenience, ease of use and reliability,’ notes the seminar’s organiser, MusicTank, a coalition of 14 industry bodies. ‘The obvious next level seems to be to accept and integrate interoperability – à la eMusic’s unprotected MP3 files. At least then the legal version will be as versatile as its illegal counterpart.’

The seminar will also look at other industries that can successfully rebrand themselves and their products, such as fashion.

‘Can we re-brand the very concept of music – making it more desirable and distinct from the illegal alternative?,’ MusicTank asks. ‘Designer frames as opposed to NHS spectacles.’

Pimp My Tune: Making Music Compete With Free takes place in central London on the evening of 27 March and cost £30. For more information go to

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