HD DVD connects to the web

Hollywood is poised to introduce the first HD DVD discs with the promised web interactivity features. With the release of new firmware for Toshiba players, HD DVD titles can now include links to online content.

HD DVD connects to the web

HD DVD owners will be able to download bonus features that can then be saved in the player’s persistent storage. In addition some HD DVD discs may even include locked pre-recorded content which can be unlocked with an online key.

“Through web-enabled network connectivity, HD DVD is unlocking the door to an entirely new world of entertainment and once again achieving another milestone in next generation DVD,” says Jodi Sally, Vice President of Marketing, Toshiba’s Digital A/V Group.

“With HD DVD, studios have the ability to develop new and unique content for movie fans, enabling consumers to have an entirely new way to access entertainment and customise their home movie experience that is currently not available with any other format.”

The first title with additional online content is Bandai Visual’s “Freedom”, which is also the first “twin format” disc, with both HD DVD and DVD versions of the movie on the same disc.

Toshiba has also announced that from September its HD DVD players will play 1080p content at 24 frames per second (24p), the speed at which movies are usually captured. Sony introduced 24p support for its rival Blu-ray format in March.

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