Vista makes its presence felt on the net

The proportion of online activity from Vista users is poised to overtake Mac OS X’s share. The latest monthly figures from Net Applications show that in June 4.52% of internet activity originated from PCs running Microsoft’s latest version of Windows.

Vista makes its presence felt on the net

Mac OS X users generated 6% of all activity, the lowest level this year and down from the 6.46% in May. The figures contrast with recent reports from IDC and Gartner, which have given Apple its largest share of the PC market in well over a decade.

In fact, as far as market share goes, Vista’s growth has come at the expense of Windows XP and, to a lesser extent, Windows 2000.

But Microsoft will surely take some heart from the figures, given recent glum pronouncements on Vista’s performance and a scathing attack by Gianfrano Lanci, president of Acer.

It will also be encouraged by Net Applications’ browser share figures, which show that take-up of Firefox has levelled out around 15% for the last four months. As a result Internet Explorer’s share has stopped declining and stabilised at almost 79%; in fact the end of its decline follows the release of version 7 in October of last year.

Net Applications market share data are online at

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