75% of Firefox downloaders desert browser

Firefox has devised a 12-point plan to retain users after it was revealed that 75% of the people who download the browser don’t become active users.

75% of Firefox downloaders desert browser

The Mozilla Foundation optimistically describes this desertion rate as a “fantastic opportunity” on its retention wiki and is refining its tactics to make sure users stick with the browser.

Among the challenges Firefox faces is that people simply assume that the IE logo on their desktop is the internet browser, and either don’t know there’s an alternative, or having downloaded Firefox, don’t associate its logo with web browsing.

So number one on the company’s list of retention tactics is to change the desktop icon to better reflect internet surfing.

Other action points on the 12-point plan include a major marketing push to increase brand recognition, making Firefox add-ons more accessible, and creating a “stickier” start page.

Bizarrely, however, two of the points on the 12-point plan are repeated. Perhaps number 13 should be “recruit marketing staff with numeracy skills”?

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