Netscape users don’t Digg social news

Netscape is abandoning its experiment with Digg-style social news on its eponymous web portal. Instead it will revert to traditional, editorially-driven news content.

Netscape users don't Digg social news

Tom Drapeau, Netscape’s director, claims that feedback from users has prompted the decision to dispense with the user-driven news format which was introduced in June 2006.

“Many of you may remember that used to be much different than it is today. In fact, it used to contain more mainstream news before we shifted to the social news site you see now,” he wrote on the Netscape blog.

“We received some feedback that people really do associate the Netscape brand with providing mainstream news that is editorially controlled. In fact, we specifically heard that our users do have a desire for a social news experience, but simply didn’t expect to find it on”

The new, old portal is already up and running at with the full switchover scheduled for later this week. However Netscape is not completely abandoning the Web 2.0 experience – it plans to introduce a new social news site “in the very near future”.

“We, as a company, remain committed to delivering a compelling social news experience for our users,” Drapeau says. “This move is an effort to make both the former portal experience and the social news experience accessible so that you can decide which you prefer. The ability to post, comment, rate and share the news that’s most relevant to you is as important to us as it is to you.”

Testing of the Netscape Navigator 9 web browser continues with the recent release of third beta version.

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