New Blu-ray DRM “cracked”

A company claims to have cracked the sophisticated copy protection on Blu-ray discs.

New Blu-ray DRM

The BD+ system was thought to be unbreakable, relying as it does on a temporary virtual machine (VM) that performs three different validation checks before allowing a disc to be played.

But now SlySoft, which makes a range of DVD and CD copying applications, claims that its AnyDVD software can copy BD+ discs.

In a post on its forums, SlySoft says that the latest beta version of AnyDVD removes the “BD+ not supported” error and all BD+ titles can be copied and watched on a PC, PlayStation3 or Blu-ray player.

While SlySoft has not revealed its method, it appears likely that the software creates a working VM that can unscramble the encrypted audio and video on the disc. As one reply to the forum post explains, it is not necessary to crack every layer of DRM if all you want to do is to copy the content. However, as things stand, no-one has reported a successful BD+ copy using the software.

Blu-ray representatives could not be reached for comment.

Last month SlySoft claimed to have developed a new AACS hack that could rip any disc even if the encryption key is unknown. To date, AACS hacks have relied on discovering the key for each movie title, a key that the movie studios can quickly change.

Despite the possibility of a lucrative business in Blu-ray ripping software, SlySoft believes consumers should opt for the rival HD DVD format. “Note to people considering to invest in HD media: Please buy HD DVD instead of Blu-ray,” writes Tom Xiang, marketing director of the Antigua-based company. “HD DVD is much more consumer friendly (no region coding, AACS not mandatory). Don’t give your money to people, who throw your fair-use rights out of the window.”

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