Samsung claims eight die MCP breakthrough

Korean electronics giant Samsung Electronics says it has created the world’s first eight-die multichip package (MCP). The company says that the breakthrough opens the way to increasing the amount of memory in small devices such as mobile phones.

Samsung says that the eight-die MCP has a capacity of 3.2 gigabits in a package just 1.4mm thick – the same as a standard four-die MCP.

Normally, as a manufacturer crams more chips into a memory package, it increases, the thickness of that package. Samsung has developed a wafer supporting system to makes wafers thinner during design processing whioch has cut back the thickness of the chip thickness and decrease the space between stacked dies.

The new eight-die MCP supports all current memory chips in a single 11 x 14 x 1.4mm package including two 1Gb NAND flash memories, two 256Mb NOR flash memories, two 256Mb mobile DRAMs, one 128Mb UtRAM and one 64Mb UtRAM.


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