Life with an iPhone: Week 2

Ian Wrigley rushed out and bought an Apple iPhone on the opening weekend. Over the next few weeks, he’ll be sharing the reality of life with Apple’s swish new phone.

Life with an iPhone: Week 2

In this installment, he reveals his growing addiction for checking email on the move. Check back each Monday for updates. Ian is a contributing editor to PC Pro, writing the Open Source column in our Real World Computing section.

Week 2: Keeping in iTouch

Before buying the iPhone, I’d made a very conscious effort to steer clear of the BlackBerry, the Treo and any other mobile communications device that would mean I was even more accessible than I already am. I figured that since I check email from my computer an average of seven million times a day, I really didn’t need to be contactable at 10pm on a Friday night in the local bar.

But I find that now I have the ability to check mail anywhere, I’m doing so – almost obsessively. CrackiPhone doesn’t have the same ring as CrackBerry, but I now get the point – it really is incredibly addictive. I also find myself wondering how I managed with my old Motorola SLVR’s web browser, now that I have a complete, fully featured one available any time. (And the zooming and scrolling effect still has people in awe every time I demo it. Apple should be paying me, the amount I’m pimping the damn thing!)

However, I’ve already discovered one downside: the word “hardened”, as in “hardened optical glass”, is a relative term. I’ve already managed to scratch the screen, probably due to carelessly sticking it in a pocket with a bunch of keys. The scratch is tiny, but still noticeable – and that makes me sad. I’ve ordered a protective plastic covering for the glass, so hopefully that will arrive before the whole thing is unreadable.

One week in, and I’m still totally in love with my (now slightly soiled) iPhone. Over the next seven days, I intend to start seriously investigating the growing number of iPhone-specific web apps that have already started appearing. Stay tuned…

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