Zoho moves into offline office

Innovative online office suite, Zoho, is making its word processing documents available for offline access.

Zoho moves into offline office

Zoho is exploiting Google Gears to give readers the opportunity to browse their documents without internet access. Ironically, it’s offering the offline functionality before Google has even implemented it in its rival Docs & Spreadhseet service.

The offline documents will be read only at present, but the company plans to offer editing functionality in the coming weeks.

To transfer documents to offline mode, users simply click the “Go Offline” link at the top of the page, install Google Gears, and view their documents from a specific URL. The latest 15 documents are stored offline by default, but settings can be tweaked to download more.

If Zoho’s offline editing features prove to be a success, it could pile further pressure on Microsoft. Not only is the software giant facing pressure from online rivals, but last week Google added StarOffice to its free Google Pack software compendium.

You can find more details of Zoho’s offline features and a video demonstration on the company’s blog.

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