Executives “take risks with out-of-hours email”

Mobile email may have improved productivity but, according to a survey by Nokia, it has also led to a lack of care when handling sensitive information.

Of the 400 executives interviewed in the survey three quarters said they used mobile email devices to reach clients outside of normal working hours. But almost half failed to take due care with the content of the email or where they were writing it from, even though sensitive information was involved 53% of the time.

“There’s no doubt mobile email devices have radically changed the face of business, making managers more efficient and liberating executives from their desks by allowing them to deal with business issues away from the office,” says Andrew Hawkins, UK head of Nokia Enterprise Solutions.

“But while that has clear benefits, there is the risk that on-the-go emailers leave required business protocol at the office and don’t give client correspondence the due care and attention it demands.”

Responding to the survey six in ten management executives recognised that their businesses had guidelines on mobile email but admitted to being frequently in breach of them, writing their emails from locations including pubs, parties and taxis.

82% went on to say that they thought it inappropriate to email clients and customers outside of traditional working hours, though three quarters of this number still said they did it.

“The explosion in use of mobile email devices across the British businesses reflects the clear benefits of enabling staff to work away from their offices, resulting in increased productivity and the ability to deal with external and internal business issues more quickly,” says Hawkins.

“However, to maximise the benefits businesses must do more to minimise the risks by educating their workers on best practice.”

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