Google has its eyes on your medical records

Google is considering digitising everyone’s medical records, so that they will be accessible to an individual wherever they are in the world.

Google has its eyes on your medical records

Marissa Mayer, Google’s vice president of Search Products & User Experience, outlined the company’s vision at the Web 2.0 Summit in San Francisco.

Though the speech was light on details, Mayer did suggest the idea of a portable external device which would be password protected and capable of storing a person’s medical records.

This would consist of digital copies of x-rays, as well as details of hospital visits, prescriptions and all other relevant medical details.

Mayer admitted the project was probably “many years” away, before touching on another slightly less grand plan to create an overlay for Google Maps highlighting all doctor’s surgeries in a user’s local area, showing their qualifications and specialties.

Microsoft announced its own plans for digitising medical records two weeks ago, launching a website called HealthVault which will store medical information for free in an encrypted database.

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