Dial-up to dwindle to 1m users by 2010

Nearly 21 million households will be connected to the internet by 2010, but only one million will be using a dial-up connection, according to a report by uSwitch.

Dial-up to dwindle to 1m users by 2010

In 2002 only 1.3 million internet users were hooked up to broadband, yet in 2007 that number has soared to 14.5 million, a figure that makes up 85% of all internet consumers. That amount could rise to almost 20 million, or 95% of users, by 2010 according to uSwitch.

The report comes on the heels of the Office for National Statistics last week, which said in September of this year 88.4% of UK internet connections were broadband, up from 75.8% last September.

“The days of dial-up have been numbered for a long time now,” says Steve Weller, head of communication services at Uswitch. “With just a few major internet providers still marketing their dial-up service, all are looking to upgrade customers to broadband.”

Nine million broadband users considering the quality and speed of their connection to be more important than its value for money, according to uSwitch’s research.

“Television, mobile phones, music, and computing are all converging, and it’s all made possible by broadband and the faster speeds available,” says Weller.

“In a couple of years’ time, as technology advances, I’m confident we will be predicting the death of 8Mb/sec in favour of something even faster. Next year suppliers will start offering up to 20Mb/sec broadband, which sounds great, but broadbanders in Japan already receive average speeds of 60Mb/sec, so we still have some way to go.”

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