Facebook: applications clutter site

Facebook admits that many users are finding the site hard to navigate, as applications increasingly clutter profiles.

Facebook: applications clutter site

To improve usability, the company has announced that it will be launching a “profile clean-up” tool to rid users’ profiles of application boxes.

“As time has gone on, we’ve received increased complaints from users that friends’ profiles are getting too cluttered, and that people are having trouble finding the information they are looking for on their friends’ profiles,” says Facebook developer, Julie Zhuo, in a blog post.

The profile clean-up tool will prompt users to move application clutter to an “extended profile”, which will only be accessible if a viewer clicks on a link.

“We believe this change will allow users to interact with all of their applications in a more meaningful way. In addition to allowing the profile page to load faster, this means users will have an easy way to publicly acknowledge their favorite applications,” says Zhuo.

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