Rumour roundup as Macworld approaches

As Macworld draws closer, rumours continue to circulate that Apple is gearing up to launch a new ultra-portable laptop and online movie rentals service.

Rumour roundup as Macworld approaches

Rumours that Apple has been in negotiations with movie studios have been circulating for months, with reports suggesting that a deal with 20th Century Fox has already been finalised. The purpose of these deals is apparently to provide customers with the ability to download and rent FairPlay-protected movies which will expire after a limited period of time. Apple is also reportedly in talks with Warner Bros, Paramount and Lions Gate to rent their titles.

The other major announcement could be an Apple ultraportable, which if early reports are to be believed will be 50% thinner and lighter than the current MacBook, utilise NAND memory and potentially cost around £1,000.

For those hankering after something more adventurous, there’s also the Apple Tablet which the rumour-mill reckons is being developed in conjunction with Asus and could feature a multi-touch screen. However, given Microsoft’s high-profile failure to get the tablet concept off the ground, and Steve Jobs reported scepticism this could be a long shot.

Rumours also abound that a major revamp to Apple TV is on its way, with possible upgrades including an LCD screen and Blu-ray drive, though again all need to be taken with a pinch of salt.

One device that likely won’t be making an appearance is the 3G iPhone, which while widely accepted to be on its way, analysts suggest will make its debut when the iPhone launches in Spain towards the middle of 2008.

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