Pornographic phone shocks customer

A customer was shocked to find pornographic images on a mobile phone she had just purchased, even more so when she discovered they were of employees from the store where she had bought it.

The Australian university student was given an ex-demonstration model as it was the last in the Dick Smith Electronics shop, but it later developed a fault with the speaker. It was when searching through the menu options trying to fix the problem that she discovered that 49 images had already been taken on the handset.

The first was a harmless shot of a female employee outside the store in her uniform, although things soon took an adult turn. One image featured the same female employee, naked from the waist down, performing a sex act.

“It’s sickening to think I’ve been using this phone near my face when it was used to take all of these photos,” said the startled customer, speaking to the Australian Daily Telegraph. “What would’ve happened if that phone was bought for a child?”

The store has asked to see the images, and is investigating the matter.

“We take any incidence of this nature very seriously and we will investigate it fully,” says a spokesperson. “We’ve asked the customer to bring us the phone to ascertain the nature of the images.”

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