HP expands netbook options

HP has bolstered its netbook line with the consumer-orientated Mini 1000.

HP expands netbook options

HP was keen to tell all and sundry that its first foray into the netbook world, the HP2133, wasn’t intended to take on the efforts of Asus and Acer, but something aimed specifically at education and business users.

However, with the Mini 1000 the company claims to be pitching directly to the consumer market and gone is the Via C-7M processor, in favour of a 1.6Ghz Intel Atom. Memory sits still at 1GB RAM, and there’s a 60GB solid state drive. Vista has also succumbed to this new focus, finding itself abandoned for the speedier XP, or Linux.

The 1000 will also be available in three models beginning with 8.9in screen model, rising to 10.2in screen version.

The case has also been revamped, with HP favouring plastic over the original aluminium, all at once bringing down the weight from 1.27kg to 1.02kg and dimensions, and, most crucially, cost. The cheapest model will be available for £299 inc VAT.

Elsewhere the 1000 line retains much in common with its forebear. They offer the same 92% keyboard, webcam, Bluetooth and 802.11bg Wi-Fi connectivity.

The release dates are being staggered, with the cheapest model going on sale mid-December, and the rest arriving through January and February.

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