Vista triggers Stephen Fry Twitter meltdown

He’s known as a jovial comedian with a vocabulary wider than the Grand Canyon. But an afternoon with Windows Vista has seemingly turned Stephen Fry into a intemperate, foul-mouthed illiterate.

Vista triggers Stephen Fry Twitter meltdown

Fry’s incandescent range against his Vista machine was captured on the star’s Twitter feed.

The QI star and Guardian technology columnist’s rant started on Sunday afternoon. “I hate Vista so much I want to cry,” he wrote. “Bought a Vaio. The most useless $4k ever spent. It just will not join a sec-enabled network. HOW????”.

Within minutes he’d submitted another, more heated update. “I have nine macs!!!!!! I don’t need another f***ing mac. I just want ONE ARSING PC that isn’t complete SH*T.”

Which was promptly followed by: “Too late. It’s going out the window. I can’t put up with this sort of arse.”

The pressure then really started to take its toll. “Listemn [sic] I have parallels, I have fusion, I have 2 distros of Linux. I need jsut [sic] one, just 1 of c***ing Vista so that I can review things.”

The Blackadder star finally returned to even keel, before apologising for Vista meltdown. “Forgive intemperate language, but every time I buy a PC they’re worse, not better than they were before and it make me so angry I could kill.”

“Still taking deep breaths. Thank you all for your concern. The Vista devil spoke thru me and it wasn’t pretty.”

Fry is famously a Mac advocate, having been only the second person to own a Mac in the UK (his friend Douglas Adams was the first).

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