Intel roadmaps 32nm Atom

Intel’s netbook roadmap reveals a 32nm Atom successor to be released in 2010.

Intel roadmaps 32nm Atom

Unlike the current 45nm generation of Atoms, the roadmap claims Medfield will integrate the processor and chipset containing the memory and multimedia controllers on to a single chip.

The roadmap also suggests Medfield will incorporate an Intel-designed graphics chip, tailored specifically to the device being manufactured, whether that’s a handheld device, or beefier netbook. As with the current-generation Atoms, Medfield will also be offered in dual-core varieties.

Before Medfield, however, we’ll have Pineview in 2009, another 45nm chip, which expected to incorporate a few Core i7 innovations, including integrating a DDR2 memory controller and graphics core into the die itself.

The roadmap, featured in a report by UBS Securities, also claims that the netbook is set to evolve “from basic web page consumption to multimedia consumption including high-definition video.”

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