VIA readies Atom assault

VIA has been showing off its new range of nano-powered netbooks at CES, as it drums up support for its assault on Intel’s netbook hegemony.

VIA readies Atom assault

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In truth the range is startling familiar in features, with the FreeStyle 1300n from manufacturer Dr Mobile offering the usual 3G and Wi-Fi connection options, up to 4GB RAM and a choice of either solid state or hard drive.

The promise of the netbooks lies in the 1.3Ghz nano, which VIA claims is even more power efficient than its lauded rival, potentially offering better battery life in netbooks.

The other intriguing feature is that VIA has been marketing its nano at netbooks with screens larger than 10in, a fact evident in the 1300n which offers a 11.6in screen. Also unusual, is the fact that it runs Windows Vista, rather than the netbook favourite XP.

According to VIA the processor is also set to make its debut in desktop PCs, with Shuttle expected to announce a nano powered computer in the coming weeks.

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