Asus delivers Eee PC with “all-day battery”

Asus is claiming its latest 10in Eee PC, the 1000HE, will offer 9.5 hours of battery life, enough for a full working day.

Asus delivers Eee PC with

A significant pillar of this claim is the new Intel Atom N280 processor, which draws 2.5 watts of power and runs at 1.67Ghz.

However, Asus says the greater savings are made by the new Super Hybrid Engine six-cell battery, and the supporting power management software which allows users to optimize the machine for performance or battery life as needed.

Elsewhere it remains a reasonably standard netbook, featuring 1GB of RAM, a 160GB HDD, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. It’ll be running XP, and the company couldn’t confirm at the time of writing if there would be Linux versions.

A couple of features of note are the new tiled keyboard, which resembles that found on the new Sony VAIOs and MacBooks, and the improved Intel GN40 chipset, which brings HD support to the netbook. Though we can’t imagine the battery claims surviving that sort of intensive use.

The Eee 1000HE will cost $400 (£280) in the US. UK availability and pricing have not been confirmed.

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