Firefox grows at IE’s cost

The open-source Firefox browser recorded a market share of eight per cent in May 2005, according to the latest survey from NetApplications. This was an increase form the 7.38 per cent recorded for April.

Microsoft’s Internet Explorer declined by almost one per cent to an 87.23 per cent market share. While most other browsers experienced little change during the same time period. Safari gained just one tenth of a percentage point, posting 1.91 per cent for the month of May 2005.

According to NetApplications Firefox has not yet lost its momentum. ‘While IE’s 87-percent market share may seem like market dominance, the numbers are revealing an average of .5 to 1 per cent loss of users each month,’ noted Dan Shapero, Chief Operating Officer of NetApplications. ‘FireFox is gaining traction with early adopters and its popularity and adoption rate are starting to tap into mass-market acceptance as buzz continues to build.’

Last month we reported that Firefox passed the 50 million download mark since version 1.0 was released in November of last year.

At the time, Janco Associates’ 2005 Browser Market Share Study found that Firefox has doubled its market share between January and April of this year from 4.23 per cent of the market to 10.28 per cent.

Meanwhile Internet Explorer’s market share had been steadily dropping over the past year. According to Janco, IE stood at 83.07 per cent. Compare this with the recent analysis by – Internet Explorer browser usage dips again – which put IE’s share at 86.63 per cent, down from 87.28 per cent in February.

The full NetApplication figures, for May 2005 browser market share are as follows:

Microsoft Internet Explorer – 87.23 per cent

FireFox – 8.06 per cent

Netscape – 1.64 per cent

Safari – 1.91 per cent

Mozilla – 0.58 per cent

Opera – 0.51 per cent

Other – 0.07 per cent

The data has been collected from 40,000 sites that use Hitslink, which is NetApplications’ statistics and analysis tool for webmasters.

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