UK leads Europe for Internet shopping

Tech-savvy Brits shop online more than any other European country, according to new figures from Intel.

Intel quizzed 6,075 PC and mobile owners across Europe and found that two-thirds (77 per cent) of Brits use the Internet for buying goods other than groceries, compared to only 60 per cent of people on the continent.

People living in the UK are also more likely to do the weekly food shop from home, with more than a third of us getting groceries delivered to our door through the Internet. Only a fifth of Europeans use virtual supermarkets, but do go online to socialise more.

The rest of Europe use chatrooms, Internet dating and web communities more regularly than those in the UK. The Germans and Italians experiment with Internet dating the most, while the bashful British and Dutch are least likely to participate.

The survey conducted by Intel was part of research to aid the development of the company’s Digital Home project, which is intended to bring fully integrated digital technology into the average home. The company believes that consumers are looking forward to a time when PCs, TVs and music systems are brought together into one ‘seamless, interoperable home network’. Meaning that people can access web content, audio and visual material, in any room of the house, at any time, from any device, with little expense.

Chris Hogg, marketing director of Intel UK, said that PCs will become the central feature of any home in the near future. ‘As entertainment consumption patterns in the home continue to change, we will see entertainment PCs become the essential ingredients that enable you to enjoy entertainment – music, movies, digital photos, and more – in the ways that you want throughout your home.’

The survey found that using PCs and browsing the Internet is now ranked as the third most popular pastime across Europe, with watching TV and listening to music taking first and second place respectively.

The UK’s web browsing habits also proved interesting reading, with 44 per cent using the Internet to learn more about health issues; 69 per cent book flights and make travel arrangements online and one in ten use the web to buy a property.

Intel will also be pleased to hear that 20 per cent of British people say that they wouldn’t be able to survive if all digital and computer technology was removed from their life.

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