Million Dollar Homepage student hits a million dollars

The UK student who attempted to sell one million pixels on a website for a dollar each has succeeded.

Alex Tew used eBay to sell the final 1,000 pixels with bidding for the last remaining space reaching more than $38,000 ensuring that Tew reached his target of $1mn.

His efforts garnered a great deal of publicity – is even trying to claim the credit for its success – and have been copied by dozens of other budding dollar millionaires, none of whom seems destined to repeat Tew’s success.

‘The idea is to create something of an Internet time capsule: a homepage that is unique and permanent,’ Tew explained when the site was opened for business. ‘Everything on the Internet keeps changing so fast, it will be nice to have something that stays solid and permanent for many years.’

We’re sure the thought of all that money never crossed his mind.

The Million Dollar Homepage can be found at, predictably,

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