Google tops brand beauty poll

Is the Google brand stronger than the Apple brand? According to the latest readers’ poll by, indeed it is.

With Google re-taking the crown and with Apple in the runner-up spot, Skype completes the top three brands.

According to 2,500 people from 99 countries voted, with the majority being in the age range of 26 to 35 year olds. The online magazine claims that the obvious Internet-bias of its readership, for what is effectively a popularity contest, shouldn’t be discounted.

‘While it’s true that our readers appear at first glance to be easily lured by shiny design, innovative technology, coffee, and booze, they should not be dismissed as a bunch of hyper-caffeinated gearheads,’ declares the magazine in its announcement of the results. ‘Year after year brandchannel voters identify brands that the mainstream world eventually catches up with; impact is felt first by these early adopters.’

These results, however, contrast with the more analytical results produced each year by Interbrand (which consider economic indicators and aren’t determined by popular votes). In July 2005, this had Coca-Cola as number one brand (with a ‘brand value’ of $67,525 million), followed by Microsoft ($59,941m) and then IBM ($53,376m).

For the record, Interbrand ranked Google 38th ($8,461m) and Apple 41 ($7985m).

You can read the results here.

What are your thoughts on such brand-ranking exercises? A meaningful snapshot of the zeitgeist, or mushy marketing? Leave your comments via the link below.

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