Blogosphere still expanding

The blogging phenomenon continues to be one of the Net’s brightest stars, with numbers now in the region of 27 million, according to Technocratic.

In its latest report on the state of the blogosphere, blogging growth has stayed on course, with a new blog appearing every second on average and numbers doubling every five and a half months.

Around half of bloggers continue to post three months after creating their blog. 10 per cent keep their blogs updated weekly or more often.

‘The blogosphere is over 60 times bigger than it was only 3 years ago,’ writes Technorati’s Dave Sifry.

The subject of blog postings is often related to current news. The spikes and troughs in levels of posting neatly coincide with key events such as the London bombings and Hurricane Katrina, for example. Technorati says it currently tracks around 1.2 million posts a day.

Of course any sizable Internet movement like this is bound to attract the Net ne’er do wells and Technorati says that spammers are taking an ever greater interest in blogging.

The greatest problem, says Sifry, is an increase in fake pings sent out to make spam blogs look as if they have been updated and thus attract more traffic. Such is the extent of this problem, traffic of this type can make up 60 per cent of that monitored by Technorati, amounting to little short of a denial of service attack, given the resource needed by Technorati to bear this load.

Technorati reckons around 9 per cent of new blogs created are spam-related: either being generated automatically or manually, often with the intention to create link farms or click fraud.

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