Google Finance service launches

Anything Yahoo! can do Google can do better, and the latest development is Google Finance, a concept that will be familiar to existing users of finance.Yahoo.

Google Finance service launches

Just launched, the site targets what is seen as a high-growth market – online demand for financial news. It features breaking news, reports and share performance charts for those keeping track of investments.

Entering ‘BAA’ (the ticker for British Airports Authority) into the search box, for example, leads to the display of company facts (Net Profit Margin, number of employees, etc), related BAA news, details of senior executives and related blog posts,

The service, which is inevitably in Beta, is located at located at Compare and contrast with

The new Google site can be seen as a further example of land grab by the major search engines – each keen to catch the eye, and any data, of passing Net users – the site follows other such initiatives by Google as: Google Base (a classified service), Google News (a news aggregation service), Froogle (a shopping service) and Google Reader (a web-based feed reader). Not forgetting Google Dashboard Widgets, Google Video and Google Page Connector… The list will keep growing.

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