Google gives Firefox sync tool

Google has unveiled a new tool designed to give Firefox users a seamless browsing experience even on different machines.

Google Browser Sync links up bookmarks, passwords, history and persistent cookies for any computers on which you install it. It saves the last browsing session and allows you to open that up again on a different machine. Essentially you get a single browsing experience, no matter which computer you are using.

With so much sensitive information potentially at risk, Google is careful to note that the tool should only be installed on personal private devices. Personal information must be protected by a PIN when the tool is set up, and this encrypts information which is then stored on Google’s servers. Google claims that even it won’t be able to read your data without the PIN.

The company claims that this will incur a performance penalty on startup, as the tool resolves and synchronises your browsing data, but that this will be pared down on future releases.

To use the tool, you’ll also need to open a Google account and works on versions of Firefox 1.5 and upwards, but not other browsers, including Mozilla.

In other Google news, the company says that it has refined version two of Google Toolbar for Firefox to the point where it is no longer a beta product.

For more information, visit Google.

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