digg expands with version three

dig, the news aggregation web site is due to launch a ‘public beta’ of version 3 of the service later today.

The new version is expanding its news coverage and making it easier for its members to share news stories with each other.

digg, is another of the ‘social networking’ services run by its members. The tech news site does not write stories itself. Rather, contributors suggest news stories and ‘vote’ on which articles should appear on the home page as well as commenting on stories to get a debate going.

The new digg site has expanded its coverage beyond technology and its now aggregating stories from the world of Entertainment, Science, World and Business and Gaming. Furthermore, digg says it is branching out into YouTube territory by allowing its visitors to ‘digg’ online videos.

In order to make life more manageable for the digg visitor, these will be categorised into different ‘containers’ each with their own set of subsections. Visitors can customise the containers to precisely target and only see the news they are interested in.

The site has also dipped its toe into the waters with AJAX. Visitors to the new site will be able to switch between headlines and new stories, as well as containers without having to refresh the whole page.

digg is currently claiming 800,000 unique visitors every day generating around nine million page views. In its operation, the site is similar to the venerable Slashdot.org although Digg generates far more page views these days.

Earlier this month, AOL tried to clone the digg model with Netscape.com. However, it looks as though Digg itself is already moving on.

Version 3 is set to launch early in the morning PST – which will work out late afternoon over here.

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