Firefox flaw faked

One of the researchers who claimed to have found a major flaw in Firefox at the ToorCon hacking conference has admitted he made it all up.

Firefox flaw faked

In a Statement on the Mozilla web site Mischa Spiegelmock said that the flaw in the browser’s handling of Javascript was not an exploitable issue and that the exploit code he presented wouldn’t work. He claimed the whole thing had been a joke.

‘The main purpose of our talk was to be humorous,’ he wrote.

‘As part of our talk we mentioned that there was a previously known Firefox vulnerability that could result in a stack overflow ending up in remote code execution. However, the code we presented did not in fact do this, and I personally have not gotten it to result in code execution, nor do I know of anyone who has.’

Security experts around the world have been trying to replicate the flaw ever since it was announced and Mozilla say they are still investigating to see if there are any unreserved security issues.

‘Even though Mischa hasn’t been able to achieve code execution, we still take this issue seriously,’ said Mozilla’s security chief Window Snyder

‘We will continue to investigate.’

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