Gates writes off Google phone

Bill Gates does not see Google becoming a successful competitor in the phone software market.

Gates writes off Google phone

Gates told the New York Times it was unlikely that Google would be able to make inroads into Microsoft’s share of the market for mobile phone software.

“How many products, of all the Google products that have been introduced, how many of them are profit-making products?” Gates says.

“They’ve introduced about 30 different products; they have one profit-making product. So you’re now making a prediction without ever seeing the software that they’re going to have the world’s best phone and it’s going to be free?”

Google has been reported to be preparing to enter the cell phone market with its own software. Microsoft has about 10% of that market.

“The phone is becoming way more software intensive,” Gates claims. “And to be able to say that there’s some challenge for us in the phone market when its becoming software-intensive, I don’t see that.”

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