Terrorists trying to “invade Facebook”

Terrorist groups are trying to “invade Facebook,” according to a new Home Office report.

Terrorists trying to

The report looks at the wider area of counter-terrorism, but makes specific mention of Government concerns about social media.

“There have been a number of attempts by terrorist and extremist groups to ‘invade’ Facebook,” the counter-terrorism report said. “Twitter will be used to repost media or forum articles enabling extremist content to be shared more quickly, widely and amongst people who would not normally search for extremist content.”

Home Secretary Theresa May said terrorists are making use of basic consumer tech and “advances in technology mean our response must improve to keep pace”.

“Terrorists are increasingly using online technology, including Google Earth and Street View for attack planning,” she claimed in a speech.

Terrorists are increasingly using online technology, including Google Earth and Street View for attack planning

“The marauding attacks in Mumbai in 2008 were directed by people using off-the-shelf secure communications technology to stay in contact with each other,” she said, adding systems such as mobile encryption and peer-to-peer networks also cause challenges for security services.

“Cloud computing offers new means for storing, sharing and distributing material online,” she added. “It can be encrypted and configured to work with mobile devices, leaving little or no trace of the data behind.”

She said the security services’ “own technology must constantly evolve and adapt”, and said “legislation will be brought forward to put in place the necessary regulations and safeguards to ensure that the response to this technological challenge is both proportionate and appropriate”.

However, the report notes that most “radicalisation” happens in person, not over the internet – not least because many countries with a “high incidence of terrorism” are less likely to have widespread internet connectivity.

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