Chrome gets reset button to fix hijacked settings

Google will let users reset Chrome to a “factory-fresh state” to clear false settings following malware attacks.

Chrome gets reset button to fix hijacked settings

Chrome vice-president Linus Upson said that hackers are increasingly using malicious software to hijack browser settings – such as the page Chrome opens on by default when started – noting it was a “top issue” in its help forums.

“Bad guys trick you into installing and running this kind of software by bundling it with something you might want, like a free screensaver, a video plugin or – ironically – a supposed security update,” said Upson.

“These malicious programs disguise themselves so you won’t know they’re there and they may change your homepage or inject ads into the sites you browse,” he added. “Worse, they block your ability to change your settings back and make themselves hard to uninstall, keeping you trapped in an undesired state.”

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To battle the problem, the latest version of Chrome features a button that will enable users to reset their browser settings. It can be found in Advanced Settings.

Plus, the Canary build of Chrome – a preview version of the browser – features a new system to automatically block detected malware.

“If you see this message in the download tray at the bottom of your screen, you can click ‘Dismiss’ knowing Chrome is working to keep you safe,” Upson said.

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