How Accurate is Nike Run Club?

Once you get into running, it’s hard to look back. That’s something most pros and casual joggers will attest. What makes running even better is using a good running app, like the Nike Run Club.

How Accurate is Nike Run Club?

There’s so much you can do with the app, but most people want to know the distance and duration of their runs. But how accurate is the Nike Run Club? And is there something you can do to make it even more precise?

NRC and Data Precision

When using the Indoor setting, for treadmill workouts, the NRC will track your steps. And when it comes to steps, NRC does a far better job than most phone step counters.

So, there’s not much to worry about there, though it does get a bit more complicated when you turn on the Outdoor setting. The thing is that NRC, just like most running apps, uses GPS as the primary source of information.

And GPS accuracy depends on several factors. And even in the best case, GPS will miss your exact location by 5 to 10 meters. But what causes the GPS to report inaccurate data?

Nike Run Club Accuracy


If you’re used to running around the city, tall buildings can be a significant source of interference. GPS won’t grab satellite readings because they are bouncing around and off buildings. That bounce adds to the distance, but your phone or watch doesn’t realize it. Plus, the skyscrapers can block the signal altogether.


In the same sense, trees will interfere with the app’s accuracy. If the leaves on the trees are wet, that can provide the surface for the satellite signals to bounce off. And if you go running in the forest, the odds are that trees will block the sky, and the signal won’t get through.

Nike Run Club

The solution here is pretty intuitive. When you head out for your run with your running gear and your Nike Run Club app, make sure you look for open spaces. Also, flat surfaces will offer more accurate data.

What If NRC Doesn’t Capture Your Run?

It can be very frustrating to see errors in your NRC app after you’ve finished with your run. There is some activity missing, and often that has to do with GPS issues. But here’s what you can do to ensure that NRC fully captures your outdoor run.

  1. Make sure you can see the sky clearly from your starting point.
  2. If you’re in Low Power Mode, turn it off. This way, GPS will capture the run accurately.
  3. Check if Location Services are enabled.
  4. Check to see if you’ve set the app on Outdoor.

Also, if you don’t see your runs in the activity history, that could be a syncing issue. Make sure that your data network settings are on. And if you have persistent problems with NRC, it’s best to contact them directly.

Auto-Pause Feature

You can kill the auto-pause feature extra accuracy from NRC. Unless you turn it off manually, the auto-pause will automatically stop tracking your run when you stop.

But, if you stop your run every 5 minutes, then the reading won’t be very accurate. Of course, you will know that you didn’t run 10K in an hour, but for an overall more precise experience with NRC, it’s probably best to let that feature go.

Nike Run Club How Accurate It Is

Correct Data Will Make You a Better Runner

Most people who are passionate about running aren’t chasing short-term results. They use apps like Nike Run Club to track long-term progress. That’s why having accurate data means a lot.

Before you ditch the phones, watches, and apps altogether, stay clear of tall buildings and woods. Oh, and review the NRC settings before you put on your running shoes.

Have you ever used the NRC app? How accurate do you find it? Let us know in the comments section below.

5 thoughts on “How Accurate is Nike Run Club?”

Scott Groehler says:
My 4 mile loop registered 4.53 miles. It happened a couple of times, so I’m un installing and installing the program. I read about some of the possible solutions and I checked all the boxes, it wasn’t that. If my reinstall doesn’t work I’m switching back to another app.
Femi says:
I’m having issues with it not synching runs. I’m participating in challenges, it records the run in activity but not counting it towards the challenges. Has anyone had this issue and can assist?
j says:
Was way off for me on first run. Said I ran almost 1.5 miles more than actual

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