Oculus Rift makes Boris Johnson bark like a dog… no, seriously

“I think I’m a cat. No, I’m a dog.”

It’s the kind of existential crisis we all face at some point in our lives, I think – most likely as the result of sleep deprivation. For London mayor and Conservative MP Boris Johnson, though, it was in front of the BBC’s cameras on his trade mission to Israel, while wearing an Oculs Rift.


After figuring out that he is indeed a dog (though, alas, no clues as to which breed), Johnson barks, as is the dignified thing to do on an overseas trade trip.

Amazingly, this only ranks as the second most cringeworthy clip of a politician pretending to be an animal that I’ve ever seen. Take a bow, George:


As for Johnson, confusion over what quadruped he’s supposed to be isn’t the first time the London mayor has been baffled by video games. He went from

writing in The Telegraph that “it is time to garrotte the Game Boy and paralyse the PlayStation,” before changing his mind two years later when welcoming the London Games Festival to the capital. Isn’t political expediency wonderful?

As a side note, “garotting the Game Boy” in 2006 would be an act of geriatricide.

Here’s why Boris Johnson is pursuing Israel as a “natural tech partner” for London

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