How To Use OK Google on the OnePlus 6

In case you didn’t know, OK Google is a voice-activated personal assistant that can be activated on all Android devices. If you wish to try it out for yourself on your brand new OnePlus 6, you will need to activate the service first.

How To Use OK Google on the OnePlus 6

How to Enable OK Google?

As is the case with most Google products, they are usually easy to configure and use, so there isn’t anything complicated to it.

  1. First, you need to press the home button on your phone and hold it for a few seconds.
  2. After you do that, you will just need to press “Continue” which will take you to the main screen of your new personal assistant.
  3. Right after that, simply tap on the option which says “Yes I’m in”. This will allow your personal assistant to have all the permissions it requires to function properly.
  4. Also, during the process, you teach the virtual assistant to recognize your voice, which will be very important when giving out various voice commands.

To do so, hold the home button and then click “Get Started”. It will prompt you to say “OK Google” three times in a row. After this, you need to turn on the Trusted Voice option, so that the assistant can always react to your voice and the commands you’re giving out.

How to Use OK Google?

Once you’re done setting it up, get on with using OK Google. It is easy to summon it up, simply by long-pressing the home button again, tapping the mic icon in the Google app, or simply by saying “OK Google” out loud.

There are quite a few different things that you can use OK Google for. You can always type, but voice commands are much faster. For example, you can tell it to set an alarm for 7AM next morning and it will do that for you.

If you’re running a busy schedule, you can always ask OK Google what your schedule for tomorrow is, or perhaps tell it to add another event to your calendar.

It can make calls, send emails or text messages, the list is really too long to be included in its entirety here, but you can toy with it for hours on end.


OK Google is a very powerful tool, which is only limited by your imagination and your phone. In the case of OnePlus 6, it is another immensely powerful tool, so this should be one exquisite combo.

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