OnePlus 6 – Sound Not Working – What to Do?

If your OnePlus 6 is not producing any sound, the problem can usually be fixed very quickly. There are a few things that you can do to get the sound back. Check the silent modes, restart your OnePlus 6, or update it.

OnePlus 6 - Sound Not Working - What to Do?

Regardless of the culprit, this write-up guides you through some of the most common fixes. If you have any neat fixes of your own, feel free to drop us a comment below.

Check the Slider Button

The OnePlus 6 has a physical button that lets you choose between silent mode, ring mode, and vibration. You might have inadvertently moved the button to the silent position which would prevent your phone from making any sound.

Inspect the button on the side of your OnePlus 6 and make sure that it’s not on silent.

Inspect the Volume Settings

There are a few volume settings that you can tweak on your OnePlus 6 to improve the audio. On the other hand, your phone might have been completely silenced so let’s have a closer look. Here’s how to do it:

1. Launch the Settings App

Tap on the Settings app to open it, then swipe to Sound & Vibration and access the menu.

2. Check the Volume Levels

The OnePlus 6 has three different volume controls – ringtone, media, and alarm. Pull the sliders all the way to the right if any of them have been silenced.

Do Not Disturb Mode

Do Not Disturb is one of the silent modes that completely shut off the sound on your phone in addition to preventing calls from coming through. You should check and see if the mode is on.

1. Go to Settings

Select the Settings app, then enter the Sound & vibration menu.

2. Access Do Not Disturb Preferences

Tap on the button next to Turn on Do Not Disturb to toggle it off.

3. Check Scheduling Options

The Auto-Toggle option is located under the Scheduled tab. The Do Not Disturb mode will automatically come on if the button next to the option is on. So you’d want to keep the button off.

Tip: Those who need Do Not Disturb can set a custom schedule under Preferences.

Force Restart Your Phone

Another quick method to get the sound back is to restart your OnePlus 6. A restart fixes some minor app glitches and bugs that might be causing audio issues. It also clears the cache so your OnePlus 6 might run smoother afterward.

1. Hold the Power Button

Press and hold the Power button for a few seconds until the phone shuts down.

2. Press Again

After your OnePlus 6 shuts down, press the Power button again to turn it back on, and that’s it. You’ve successfully completed a force restart.

The Final Sound

Besides the abovementioned fixes, you should also keep your OnePlus 6 updated. The latest software issues may fix audio-related problems. Otherwise, you might need to perform a hard reset on your Android smartphone. Back up your files before a hard reset to preserve your data.

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