OnlyFans Account Statistics – $5 Billion Annually and Counting

OnlyFans is a content-sharing and subscription-based app with 1.5 million content creators and 150 million users. The app’s popularity has been rapidly growing in the past couple of years, with thousands of new OnlyFans creating accounts every day.

OnlyFans Account Statistics - $5 Billion Annually and Counting

In this article, we’ll provide you with relevant statistics concerning OnlyFans, its content creation and user accounts, and the overall revenue this platform makes. We’ll also mention some of the most successful OnlyFans accounts with record-breaking figures.

OnlyFans Account Statistics

OnlyFans works on a subscription-based principle, and its main goal is to connect fans to their favorite creators. Upon paying a monthly subscription fee for a particular creator, followers gain access to specific content. In January 2017, OnlyFans had attracted 100,000 users. In 2018, a total of million users subscribed to this platform. Today, there are 150 million people who are using this content-sharing website.

OnlyFans soared in popularity with the release of Beyonce’s remix of the song “Savage,” performed by Megan Thee Stallion, in April 2020. Since this famous singer mentioned OnlyFans in the lyrics, the platform’s popularity grew by 75% from March to April 2020. What’s more, 24 hours after the song was released, the website’s traffic increased by 15%.

According to Tim Stokely, the CEO of OnlyFans, more than 200,000 new users joined during the global pandemic. Not only that, but from 7,000 to 8,000 new content creators became part of the OnlyFans community in this period. In December 2020, approximately 500,000 new users joined OnlyFans every day. Furthermore, had an estimated 201 million visitors each month.

In March 2021, creators earned $3 billion in total revenue. According to the most recent statistics provided by OnlyFans, $5,000,000,000+ is paid out annually to creators. The reason why OnlyFans creators earn so much money is because the website is designed to optimize creator engagement. For instance, when a creator account uploads any type of content, more than 60% of their followers see and interact with it. In line with the same statistics, creators see and open 80% of direct messages that their followers send to them.

Currently, OnlyFans is worth $1 billion.

How Does OnlyFans Work?

There are two types of OnlyFans accounts. The first is a content creator account, used by creators who set a subscription fee. Aside from the monthly subscriptions, content creator accounts can earn revenue with the pay-per-view (PPV) feature and one-time tips. There are approximately 1.5 million content creator accounts on OnlyFans at this moment.

Technically speaking, anyone can create an OnlyFans account, as long as you’re older than 18. Creator account content can consist of videos, tutorials, selfies, professional photos, behind-the-scenes footage, and similar. OnlyFans creators get to keep 80% of the revenue, while 20% goes to the monthly fees, payment processing, hosting, support, referral payments, and similar.

The second type of OnlyFans account is a user account, otherwise known as a “fan” account. There are currently 150 million user accounts on OnlyFans. Fan accounts receive a 30-day trial, after which they have to pay a monthly subscription fee to view a particular type of content. What’s more, 87% of the user accounts are male fans, while 10% are female, and 3% of the users are unidentified.

When it comes to the nationality of the fan accounts, 44.99% of user accounts are American. The United Kingdom takes second place, with 6.60% of fan accounts, followed by Canada with 4.99%, Germany with 2.98%, and Australia with 2.95% of fan accounts. The average age of the owners of the fan accounts is 29, though many users don’t include their age in their personal information on their profile.

A content creator’s monthly subscription fee can vary from $4.99 to $50. Some OnlyFans creator accounts let you access their content for free, while more exclusive ones require a monthly subscription fee of up to $50. That being said, the majority of OnlyFans creators charge a monthly subscription fee from $10 to $20.

If a creator doesn’t charge a monthly subscription for others to view their content, they usually make money with locked posts and pay-per-view messages. Free accounts also have the potential to earn more followers. However, creators that charge a monthly subscription fee earn money faster.

For example, content creator accounts with 10,000 followers, and a monthly subscription fee of $4.99 can earn from $499 to $2,495 a month. A content creator account with a bigger fan base, for instance, 50,000 followers can earn from $2,495 to $12,475 per month for the same subscription fee.

How Much Do Large OnlyFans Accounts Make?

According to OnlyFans, more than 100 content creators have earned over $1 million since they started posting on this platform. OnlyFans creators tend to be models, celebrities, fashion influencers, actors, musicians, fitness trainers, reality TV stars, internet personalities, and people who work in a similar line of business.

Some of the most popular OnlyFans accounts belong to Cardi B, Bella Thorne, Blac Chyna, Jem Wolfie, Tana Mongeau, Farrah Abraham, Amber Rose, Jordan Woods, Tyga, Dorinda Medley, and more. Bella Thorne broke the record by earning $1 million 24 hours after making an account. This content creator then accumulated up to $2 million in one week. After Bella Thorne, a new record was set by the American rapper Bhad Bhabie, who made $1 million only six hours after she joined OnlyFans.

Currently, Blac Chyna has the most followers on OnlyFans. With 16.2 million followers, she earns $20 million each month. This creator charges $19.99 for a monthly subscription fee.

Once an OnlyFans creator gathers a sufficient number of followers, OnlyFans sends them a notification to inform them that they are in the top 10%, 3% or 1% of all the OnlyFans creators. According to the OnlyFans algorithm, the top 1% of OnlyFans accounts earn 33% of all the income, while the top 10% earn 73%. Consistent with these statistics, the top 3% of accounts make $10,000 or more each month. However, the top 1% make on average $1,200 on a daily basis.

Most of these celebrity accounts had a large fan base to begin with, some of them monetizing their content on Instagram, TikTok, and other social media platforms. To earn a sufficient amount, creators have to post content regularly. Simply put, the amount of money creators earn on a monthly basis depends on the quality and the quantity of their content. OnlyFans creators with a smaller fan base can make from $150 to $5,000 a month, depending on how many people follow them.

OnlyFans – A Growing Business

With 1.5 million content creators and 150 million users, the popularity of OnlyFans is predicted to grow even more in the coming years. There are various factors that contribute to its growth, but one of the determining aspects is the monthly income an OnlyFans creator could make. Whatever the reason behind its popularity, the fact is that many new OnlyFans accounts are created every day.

What do you think about these OnlyFans statistics? Do you find them surprising? Let us know in the comments section below.

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