Android Q: What will it be called?

Android P is now officially known as Android 9 Pie. But we cracked that code a long time ago. While we dabbled with the likes of Pancake and Pastry, Plum Tart and Pistachio Ice Cream, Pie was always the go-to prediction for the next Android name.

Android Q: What will it be called?

Android has, of course, a long history of naming its operating system updates after sweet treats; think back to the cloying likes of Android 1.6 (Doughnut) and Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean). And we’ve no reason to doubt that Android Q will be any different, despite the notorious difficulty thrown up by the letter ‘Q’ (there’s a reason that bad boy is worth ten points in Scrabble).

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So we’re back here once again, tasked with the curious challenge of naming as many vaguely sweet foodstuffs as possible that begin with the letter ‘Q’. We know that whatever ‘Q’ desert is selected, it’ll be prefaced by the name Android 10. Here goes…

Android Q: What will it be called?

Android 10 Qottab

Quottab is a deep-fried Iranian pastry or cake, whose main components comprise cardamom, flour, powdered sugar and vegetable oil. Sort of like a middle eastern doughnut, with the cardamom giving it an infinitely more refined flavour.

Android 10 Quality Street

The chocolate that’s pretty much synonymous with Christmas, at least on humble UK soil, could be immortalised by Google’s operating system. We wonder if there’d be subvarieties according to colour. Shotgun the Green Triangle Android.

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Android 10 Quindim

Android’s really throwing up some opportunities to pay homage to global deserts here. Quindim is a Brazilian baked dessert that sort of riffs off custard, made primarily from sugar, egg yolk and ground coconut.

Android 10 Quesito

Hailing from Puerto Rico, the delicious quesito is a filled pastry, combining cheese whipped with vanilla, eggs, sugar, and sometimes fruits such as guava and papaya. Curious flavour combinations going on there; perhaps Android is looking to mix things up with this OS.

Android 10 Quiche


Okay so we’re sort of playing fast and loose with word ‘sweet’ here, but wang some caramelised onions into a quiche and it sort of passes. Q’s a hard letter, okay?

We will be updating this page regularly with more tidbits regarding Android’s next operating system, Android Q, so be sure to check back in.

Lead image: Abdulla Al Muhairi, used under Creative Commons

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