At least in Windows 7 we can, apparently, pull IE off the desktop and put something else in its place. There is a view that suggests we should all do this, as a matter of course. Not because I dislike IE8 – it seems to be a good browser given the mindset limitations of its creators. No, I think we should dump IE as a matter of protest. A couple more years of sagging installation numbers for IE would do Microsoft a power of good, poking the company into trying harder.


Better still, it would force the website-creation industry, the “HTML Hairdressers” as I am wont to call them (who needs friends?), to ensure websites use a core of workable HTML code that works across all browsers. I don’t need browser-specific features, thanks. I need features that work irrespective of the platform I’m on at the time.

So let’s embrace the web and do our bit for standards. Let’s stir up the mud a little bit, and make everyone in the web world stop and take notice.

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