A lawyer friend sitting at the table pondered out loud. Pulling support for a product within your first year of ownership did rather smack of a failure under the Sale of Goods Act, he mused. As he wandered to the bar to buy another round, he was heard to mumble, ‘Or the licence terms could be argued to be in contravention of the Unfair Contracts legislation terms too – and which company would want those tested in court?’


Indeed so. Let’s pass on the point that Adobe charges £125 for the CS/CS2 upgrade in the UK, £97 in the USA and a whopping £168 in the Euro-zone for the same online download – I’m sure that’s just a pricing error. After all, it manages to charge just £75 for the Portuguese version, for some completely inexplicable reason.

Ultimately, this is the latest in a long line of cost-cutting measures by vendors, and it isn’t good enough. I want to see three years’ availability of replacement product as a minimum across the industry, and while I’m in the realms of fantasy I want fair pricing across all countries too.

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