Oppo A37 – How to Block Calls

Blocking is the most efficient way to deal with unsolicited calls and callers you wish would stop bothering you. If you block all the pesky telemarketers and pollers, they won’t be able to reach you anymore. At the same time, you might also wish to block some callers for personal reasons.

Oppo A37 - How to Block Calls

Either way, it is very simple to block calls on your Oppo A37. Here you will learn more about the few easiest ways to do this.

Use the Settings App

You can add all unwanted callers to a blacklist from the Settings app. Here’s what you need to do:

1. Access the Settings App

After you launch the Settings app, swipe down to Call and tap to enter it.

2. Select Blacklist

Tap on Blacklist inside the Call Settings menu to access more options.

3. Choose Add

Once inside the Blacklist menu, tap on Add at the bottom of the screen to add a contact to your Blacklist.

4. Select a Contact

You can now choose to block a caller from your Contacts, Groups, or Call Log.

5. Add a Contact

Add one or more contacts from your Contacts List by tapping on the check circle next to their name. Confirm your choice by tapping on OK at the bottom of the menu.

Block All Unknown Calls

The Oppo A37 also gives you the option to block all incoming calls from unknown numbers. To do this, follow these steps:

1. Access the Settings App

Tap on Settings to launch the app and swipe until you reach Call.

2. Access the Call Menu

Tap on Call to access additional settings.

3. Toggle the Switch

Tap on the switch next to Block Unknown Numbers to toggle it on. Once this option is enabled, you’ll stop receiving incoming calls from unknown numbers.

More Options to Block Incoming Calls

The Oppo A37 software offers additional call blocking options besides adding individual contacts to your Blacklist. To access these options, this is what you need to do:

1. Access the Settings App

Tap on the Settings app on your Home screen and swipe down until you reach Call.

2. Tap on Call

Tap on Call to access all of the call-related settings and then choose Operator’s Call Related Settings.

3. Access the Call Restriction Menu

You need to tap on Call Restriction to access more options for blocking incoming calls.

4. Select one of the Restrictions

You can choose one of the restriction options in the Operator’s Call Related Settings menu. If you wish to enable either one of them, just tap on the option to toggle the switch to on.

If you choose Reject All Incoming Calls, this option will prevent all callers from getting through to you. Instead of ringing, the callers will hear a busy signal. To disable these call restrictions, you should tap Cancel All Restrictions.

The Final Call

If you use the methods listed above, you won’t be bothered by unwanted calls anymore. However, some of them might be very persistent and still get through to you even after you’ve blocked them. If that happens to you, you should report that particular caller to your carrier.

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