How to Create a Group in Outlook

Do you find yourself repeatedly sending emails to the same group of friends or colleagues? This is very common for a lot of people, particularly at work. But it can be time-consuming and tedious to enter each individual email address, one by one, over and over again. You also risk forgetting to include someone in the email chain.

How to Create a Group in Outlook

Luckily, there’s a much easier method: create a contact group. This lets you quickly and conveniently bundle your buddies or work pals together in groups and email them all with minimal fuss. Let’s see how it’s done.

How to Create a Contact Group on Outlook for Windows and Mac

Making an Outlook group is slightly different depending on whether you’re using the desktop app or the online version. This section will focus purely on the desktop versions of Outlook for Windows and Mac computers. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Open Outlook.
  2. Click on the “People” tab from the navigational bar.
  3. Select “Home,” then choose the “New Contact Group” button.
  4. Look for the “New Contact” button at the top of the screen, but don’t click it. Instead, click on the little arrow beside it. This should reveal a drop-down menu. Choose “Contact Group” from the list.
  5. You’ll be prompted to make a name for your new group. Input a name and press Enter to confirm.
  6. With a name entered, it’s time to start filling the group with people.

Here’s how to populate your new group:

  1. Find the “Add Members” button in the right-side menu.
  2. Double-click on each person you want to add from either your Outlook list or address book.
  3. If you want to add someone who isn’t in the list, manually enter their email address and continue adding as many contacts as you like, then hit the “OK” button to finalize the group.

How to Create a Group on

Do you prefer to send and receive messages via browser? If you’re a web app user, the group creation process has a couple of minor differences but is still straightforward. Follow the steps below to make it happen:

  1. First, log into in your browser of choice.
  2. On the left side, look for the little “People” symbol (it looks like two people standing together) and click it.
  3. Click on the drop-down arrow beside “New Contact” and select “New Group.”
  4. Choose a name for your group and enter a little description in the box provided for extra context if needed.
  5. Hit the blue “Create” button.
  6. You can then start typing in the emails of the people you want to add, directly from your Outlook contact list.
  7. Press the “Add” button once you’ve made your selection to complete the process.

How to Create a Group on Outlook for Mobile Devices

It’s even possible to make groups through the Outlook mobile app on your iPhone or Android device. Again, this is really simple, and here’s how to do it:

  1. Open up the Outlook mobile app.
  2. Tap on your profile image or icon in the top left corner to reveal the folders and menu.
  3. Find “Groups” in the list and tap it.
  4. In the bottom right corner, tap on the “New Group” button.
  5. Enter a name for your group.
  6. Add members by typing in names or email addresses in the respective text field.
  7. Press the “Create” button in the top right to finalize the creation.

How to Send Email to Group on Outlook

Once you’ve formed a group using any of the above methods, contacting all its members should be much easier than it was before. Here’s how it’s done:

  1. Open up a new message and type in the subject and body content you wish to send.
  2. Then, in the “To” or “CC” bar, start typing in the name of your group.
  3. The relevant group should appear in a drop-down list after you’ve typed a few letters, and you can click on it to send the message to everyone in that collection.


How do I edit contact groups in Outlook?

Use the “People” tab in Outlook to find your group and select “Edit” next to it to access the edit screen. You can alter the group’s title, profile pic, and list of members. Note that you can only edit groups that you own.

What’s the point of using Outlook’s contact groups?

The benefit of making contact groups is that they allow you to email five, 10, 20, or even more people, all at once. Instead of having to type out each email address manually, you just enter the group name and send a message to everybody. Having contacts grouped together also reduces the risk of accidentally leaving someone out of the chat.

Are Outlook contact groups the same as Office 365 groups?

No, Office 365 groups are very different to contact groups on Outlook. Outlook contact groups allow you to bundle different contacts together, so you can email them all in one go. An Office 365 group, meanwhile, is when multiple users can be grouped to share the same email address and shared inbox. Both options are handy for professional users, but Outlook’s contact groups are also useful in everyday life for people who email their family or friends often.

How do I manage groups in Outlook?

Managing groups can be done via the “People” tab on your Outlook application or on, or via the “Groups” menu if you’re on mobile. However, it’s worth noting that only group owners can edit their groups or add and remove people. Remember, if you don’t have owner status, you won’t be able to do much except view or leave groups.

Save Time with Outlook Contact Groups

Contact groups a great way to save yourself time when managing your inbox and keeping in touch with friends, workmates, and anyone else you chat with regularly. If you’re eager to shave a few seconds off your daily email routines, this is a fine way to get started.

Have you saved time with Outlook groups in the past? Do you know any other smart ways to make emailing even more efficient? Share your thoughts and ideas in the comments.

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