How to Save Workshop in Overwatch

Blizzard’s Overwatch came out in 2015. The game’s still going strong, but after all that time, some people might find the gameplay not that challenging anymore.

How to Save Workshop in Overwatch

That’s why Blizzard introduced the Workshop feature to the game in April 2019. It gives you access to numerous settings that define the gameplay. Changing them can create a game that’s completely different from the original. Once you finish your custom Overwatch script, it’s important to know how to save your changes.

Saving Your Workshop Script

When you create a custom Overwatch script using the game’s Workshop feature, it will appear in the “Presets” list. To allow access to your custom mode, the best way to do that is to create a public share code following the steps below.

  1. Start the “Overwatch” game.
  2. Click “Play.”
  3. Click “Game Browser.”
  4. Click “Create” in the upper right portion of the screen.
  5. Now open the “Settings” menu.
  6. Go to “Presets.”
  7. In the “Saved Presets” section of the main screen, you should see the list of modes you’ve already created.
  8. Select the one you want to save.
  9. Now go to the “Settings” menu once again.
  10. In the right portion of the screen, you should see the “Summary” section.
  11. Click the “Share” icon. It’s the third icon from the left.
  12. This action will now generate a unique share code for your mode.
  13. Click “Copy” to copy the code, so you can paste it wherever you want.

Once you save them, custom game scripts remain available on Blizzard’s servers for the next six months. During this period, you can share them with your friends.

It’s also worth noting that the custom scripts will work on any supported device, regardless of the device you’ve used to create them. For example, PlayStation players can use scripts created on PC.


Importing Custom Scripts

Since Blizzard doesn’t provide an official register of active codes, you can visit third-party websites that specialize in this area. One such site is Workshop.Codes, where you can find over 500 custom games to try out.

Once you have the code for the script you want to use, the next step is to import it into Overwatch.

  1. Start the “Overwatch” game.
  2. Click “Play,” then “Game Browser.”
  3. Click “Create.”
  4. Go to “Settings.”
  5. In the “Summary” section, click “Import.” It’s the second icon from the left.
  6. Now paste the game code and click “Ok.”

That will load the custom game script, and now you just need to start the game to play it.

Popular Game Codes

Workshop.Codes site lets you use filters to narrow down the selection. If you’re not looking for anything particular, you can check out the list of recent submissions, as well as the selection of currently popular codes.

If you want to experience Overwatch in a completely different way, here are the two popular scripts worth trying out.

How to Save Workshop

Loot Quest v5.1.2

Overwatch is a Player vs. Player (PvP) gameplay, but with Loot Quest, it becomes a Player vs. Environment (PvE) game. Since the original game doesn’t have a single-player campaign, this comes as a great supplement. Of course, you can band up with five other players and play it as a co-op game.

With more than 60 experience levels to go through, this mode allows you to progress slowly through available maps. As you work your way through each map, you collect experience points, items, and gold to advance. Depending on the one you choose, you can encounter enemies that are too powerful for your current level. Therefore, it’s best to follow the recommended route.

1v1 Arena Deathmatch V2.2.0

Overwatch focuses heavily on balancing the skills of its characters, and a team of carefully chosen characters will have the edge over the competitors that don’t pay attention to character selection. Because of that, random 1-on-1 fights in Overwatch can’t precisely match up to Quake or Counter-Strike.

And that’s where this script comes in. It balances the characters and their stats to make them more competitive in the arena. At this point, the creator of this script has finished modifying ten characters, with more coming shortly.

Overwatch Save Workshop

Custom Games for the Win

Now that you know how to save your custom Overwatch game, it’s time to share it with your friends. And if someone wants to add some improvements to your creation, they just need to import your script and edit it.

Have you managed to share your Overwatch script with your friends? What kind of changes have you introduced compared to the original game? Please share your experiences in the comments section below.

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