Pebble Time vs Pebble Time Round: Which smartwatch is worth opening your wallet for?

After having launched an incredibly successful Kickstarter to fund the Pebble Time, everyone was surprised when, in the same week, Pebble revealed the Time Steel. Now, Pebble has unveiled a smart, sophisticated and circular take on the Pebble Time watch: Pebble Time Round

But is it actually any good compared to its predecessors? And should you fork out that extra money just for a round-faced watch? Worry not, we have the answer.

Pebble Time vs Pebble Time Round: Design

As you may have guessed from its name, and the images gracing this page, the key difference between Pebble’s latest watch and its counterpart is that one is round.

Another big selling point of the Round is that it’s actually the thinnest smartwatch ever, measuring just 7.5mm-thick and weighing a measly 28g. Compare that to the Pebble Time’s 9.5mm thickness and 42.5g weight, and the Time Steel’s comparatively beefy 10.5mm thickness and 62.3g weight, and the Round is basically like wearing feathers on your wrist.

On the standard Time, the 144 x 168 resolution screen is only capable of replicating 64 colours. The Round uses the same screen, with the same colour array, but this time its circular. This means that the Round still has the same thick bezels that have become familiar to any Pebble watch owner.

While the Pebble Time comes in both plastic and metal (if you opt for a Pebble Time Steel) variants, Pebble Round is only available in metal. That’s certainly not a bad thing as both metal watches look incredibly luxurious.

Winner: Pebble Time Round

Pebble Time vs Pebble Time Round: Price

You can now pick up a simple Pebble for under £100, and the Pebble Time can be had for around £180.

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Interestingly, though, the Pebble Time Steel and the Pebble Time Round actually both start at the same £230 price point, and go up to around the £270 mark for the high-end ostentatious gold, brushed steel and black watches.

Basically, if you’re torn between a Pebble Steel and a Pebble Time Round, price won’t be the deciding factor, but the cost-conscious could save money by just picking up the Pebble Time.

Winner: Draw

Pebble Time vs Pebble Time Round: Battery life

Something had to give in the space saving that Pebble made when making the Round and, sadly, that appears to have been the battery life.


While the Pebble Time and Time Steel can squeeze a whopping ten days or so out of their batteries, the Round can’t manage much more than a measly two. It’s disappointing to say the least, but it’s worth remembering that’s a whole day longer than almost every Android Wear and Apple Watch currently on the market.

Winner: Pebble Time

Pebble Time vs Pebble Time Round: Interface

Anyone who’s coming from the Pebble Time to the Round will notice that both watches use exactly the same intuitive Pebble OS interface. You’ve still got your three buttons on the right-hand side of the watch allowing you to jump around in time and navigate through the watch, and a home/back button on the left.

You can still dictate messages to reply to texts and WhatsApp notifications, and everything should pair seamlessly to your Android or iOS phone.


All-in-all, both watches are completely identical in regards to the software they use, even if one screen is round.

Winner: Draw

Pebble Time vs Pebble Time Round: Verdict

Let’s be frank, the Pebble Time Round is definitely the more beautiful of the lot. I’ve never particularly been a fan of squared-display watches, so the Round is just a work of art in comparison to the Time or Time Steel.

However, seeing as both devices use the same interface and cost a similar amount, it’s only the battery life that cripples the Round’s chances. Sure, two days might be enough for some, but compared to the Time’s wonderful ten days, the Round seems like nothing more than a vanity project.

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So, unless you can stomach the prospect of regularly charging your Pebble watch, and let’s face it most people want a Pebble because of the battery life, the Pebble Time and Time Steel are definitely the better purchase.

Winner: Pebble Time

If you’re still unconvinced about both the Pebble Time and Pebble Time Round, have a look at our list of the best smartwatches of 2015 to find the perfect wrist wear for you.

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