Adobe announces first hardware: Adobe Ink and Slide

Adobe has released its first ever piece of hardware to accompany its new range of iPad apps – Sketch, Line and Photoshop Mix.

The new hardware – dubbed Adobe Ink and Adobe Line – comes in a set that consists of a digital pen and ruler, and allows users to sketch freehand and create precise drawings directly on the screen of an iPad.

“The feeling using [Adobe Ink with] the app is really one of using pen and paper,” said Adobe evangelist, Rufus Deuchler.

The devices are finished in a sleek, silver matte aluminium, and in a neat touch the top of the pen lights up to match the colour when you select it onscreen.

The pen isn’t one of those imprecise, snub-nosed capacitive styli. It has a fine tip, is pressure sensitive and connects to the iPad via Bluetooth.

Adobe Ink

Adobe Slide isn’t just a fancy ruler either: it has capacitive points at each end, which means when it’s placed on the screen the app is able to detect its position, allowing pen strokes to be guided not only physically, but digitally as well.

Both Adobe Ink and Adobe Line will go on sale as a set in the US on June 18 for around $200. Alas, no UK availability or pricing has been announced at this time.

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