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Selling goods on eBay is big business for small businesses. If you just use it as a way to get rid of unwanted equipment, eBay’s standard web interface will prove more than enough to manage your postings. But if you’re one of the increasing number of people treating eBay as your main source of income, you’ll need better auction management.

SuperSeller is an eBay-certified software title designed not only to help you create auctions, but to control the avalanche of emails associated with each one.

The most obvious comparisons can be drawn with eBay’s own free listing client, Turbo Lister. Both allow you to enter default information such as your shipping costs, location and payment instructions. Where Turbo Lister forces you into a step-by-step approach similar to listing online, SuperSeller allows you to do things at your own pace.

A wizard walks you through both setting up the application and going on to create auctions. Things became more complex, however, when several error messages flashed up in German. Among other similar glitches, reviewed auctions were shown in euros, although these reverted back to sterling when uploaded.

Applying basic text formatting in your description is as simple as using a word processor, and the software is supplied with 200 templates to give your listing a little polish; you can design your own templates within the application reasonably easily. Adding images is simple too, and they can be uploaded either using the paid-for eBay image service or to any other FTP space. SuperSeller will track fees and, based on the original purchase price and projected final bid, tell you what your profit is likely to be.

Once auctions have ended, they’re moved into a separate part of the program, and from here you have the option to send out pre-formulated emails. SuperSeller will also check your own email account, filtering out and displaying only those emails that relate to eBay.

We’re promised a £100 Pro version later this year, which will add invoice generation, order processing, a form designer and inventory management functions. Decent though the Standard version is, it’s hard to see who would buy it. It offers only a little more flexibility than Turbo Lister, and some clever use of web technologies has pushed even eBay’s own web-based auction system a long way. Combine either with some email rules and hold on until the release of the Pro edition.

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