OneClick Intelligent Mains Panel review

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The OneClick IMP (Intelligent Mains Panel) looks simple: just plug your PC into the main socket, and when you switch your computer off or put it into standby the IMP automatically cuts power to the remaining five plugs. The ‘Intelligent’ refers to its auto-sensing ability, where it continuously monitors how much power the computer uses to determine whether it’s on or off. Lesser rivals can be fooled by modern computer power-saving tricks.

OneClick Intelligent Mains Panel review

Also in the IMP’s favour is that it draws only 0.6W when in ‘off’ mode – the lowest on the market by some distance. This means, assuming you keep your PC on four hours a day and on standby for 20 hours, it will use just 12Wh per day when ‘off’, amounting to 4.4kWh per year. Assuming electricity costs about 10p per unit, that adds up to a running cost of 44p per year, compared to the £14 a printer can guzzle in stanby mode.

When you tie in the financial savings (and the IMP is designed to last 15 years) to the environmental savings, this is one of the best things you’ll ever buy. Note also that PC Pro subscribers can buy the IMP for £25 inc VAT.

Before you buy, though, it’s worth noting that the IMP isn’t designed for notebooks. When your laptop is fully charged, the IMP will slip into ‘off’ mode. Removing the battery solves this problem, but it’s hardly ideal; luckily, OneClick is working on a notebook version of the IMP.

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