Waitec E-ZI Phone review

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The smartest-looking phone here by a mile, the E-ZI Phone mimics a tethered mobile. The large screen is a boon for Skype users who’d rather not use the software interface, although we did find its feature set somewhat patchy. Plugging it in required a reboot and, although the packaging proudly boasted that it wouldn’t need a driver, we had to install SkypeLink before we could pick up calls without using the mouse. It was only then that the phone screen sprang to life, displaying the time and date and showing caller ID for incoming calls originating on the regular telephone network.

Waitec E-ZI Phone review

Our sipgate and Ineen test accounts would happily use this as a combo mic and speaker set, but studiously ignored every button press, making this all but useless for dialling a number or controlling the line connection. All bark and no bite, the EZ-I Phone was outgunned by the CyberPhoneK.

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