Opera 9 Beta review

In terms of new features, we welcome the content blocker, making advert and image removal a simple right-click away, but Firefox has this beat by its AdBlock and Nuke Everything extensions. The Thumbnail tab preview shows an image and brief description when hovering over any tab, but it takes little longer to open the tab itself.

Opera 9 Beta review

Perhaps the only new feature that brings any real benefit is that of site-specific preferences. This enables you to establish how a particular site is viewed, cookies handled, pop-ups blocked and so on. Much easier to use than IE security zones, but with the same result – it isn’t much to get excited about.

We still like Opera, but this update isn’t the jaw-dropping release we were hoping for. Even when bunched together with the other new features revealed in this beta, there’s no great reason to switch from your current browser client – at least it’s still free though.

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